The Fader Magazine Interviews Burna Boy!

The Fader Magazine Interviews Burna Boy!

They call him Burnaaaaaaaa! This year has definitely been a good one for the Nigerian Rockstar Burna Boy. Following the release of his epic EP titled ‘Redemption EP’ The singer recently granted Newyork based magazine The Fader an interview.

He opened up about the beginning of his career, his ‘afrofusion’ sound, touring the African continent and more!

On following the common practice of paying American or British artists above market rate for a verse or a hook, he replied saying:

At the end of the day, if you’re not selling yourself short as an African, everything you thought you needed to pay for will come to you,” he said, exasperated by what he thought was an obvious point. “You have the wave. You are you.”

Read the full interview Here

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